Frigorifik Ötektik-3-Barlas

Barlas Sogutma is producing Eutectic Type Frigorific Bodies since 1995. This brand new technology is rising all around the world and asked for.

What is Eutectic?

Eutectic is a general name for chemical reactions happening while freezing and thawing of liquid mixtures. These “eutectic” called liquids freeze and thaw at specific temperatures like water does. Water is found in three phases. Water, in liquid phase holds 1 calory/gr, in solid phase 0.5 calories/gr, and at exactly freezing temperatures it holds 80 calories/gr which means it can hold 80 times more energy when it is changing phases. Ice in solid phase also releases the same amount of energy when thawing and cools the environment that it is in. Using this static energy means storing cooling energy. This is exactly the same thing that we do with our picnic boxes when we put ice in them. The ice in the box keeps everything cool and healthy.

The frigorific bodies produced by Barlas Sogutma uses the same technology. Like we freeze our ice banks in our refrigerator, we freeze the unit inside the frigorific body by connecting it to the main power at night, and we use it to keep everything frozen when we disconnect. The most significant feature of our frigorific bodies is it does not require any power from the engine while the vehicle is on the move.

Advantages of Eutectic Frigorific Bodies

  • It does not require any connection to the engine, so it does not consume any extra fuel while the vehicle is on the move.
  • There are no moving parts while the vehicle is moving, all the cooling energy is consumed from the eutectic plates.
  • Since there are no moving parts;
    • Forgetting to turn on the machine,
    • Any malfunctions while the vehicle is on the move,
    • When the driver wants to rest, he cannot shut down the engine,
    • While waiting in the line for delivery, keeping the engine running
      like problems becomes OBSOLETE.
  • Since there are no moving parts while the vehicle is moving, it is impossible to have a malfunction while moving, because of this;
    • Medical products,
    • Easily melting products as ice cream can be carried without any worries and is a perfect choice for temperature critical deliveries.
  • While delivering goods between cities, it is crucial for the driver to rest. In our system you don’t require multiple drivers, since the driver can rest whenever he wants or needs, even he can sleep over night and continue in the morning and while doing all this the engine does not require running. As an example, a vehicle that has left our factory at -35°C has become -27°C after being used approximately 1,200 km (750 miles).

Cost of Operation Advantages

In eutectic frigorific body systems, instead of obtaining the compressor energy from the engine, much more efficient electricity is used. In a small frigorific body, the cost of operation is usually 1/6 of fuel operated alternatives. Even the cost of ownership is a bit high against conventional systems, usually the system pays for itself almost in six months, and in 3 years the system pays for the truck also.

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