Climatic Test Chambers

Climatic Test Chambers are the most advanced product of Barlas Refrigeration technology and they are distinguished by their sensitivity in high temperatures and also to humidity. With these rooms, +0,1°C temperature and 1 % humidity level sensitivities are assured. The air flow direction inside the room can be determined to take place either horizontally or vertically. Since the temperature distribution inside the room needs to be homogeneous, the air flow designs have been conceived accordingly. The room temperatures can be between the low level group of -50°C to+80°C and the high level group of +80 to +250°C. The drying and the humidification can be carried out to assure room humidity levels between 10 % to 100 %. Each room is produced specially and by taking into account the test conditions. In some rooms time-dependent value variations are required and the temperature and the humidity regulation thresholds can be programmed and modified. The data obtained as such can be gathered and processed and the most detailed information on the tested product can be collected. This information can be transferred as reports into computer files or on paper as printed output. The system is fully computerized or PLC controlled. Malfunction information screen informs and warns the user of any failure that might occur. A vocal or visual alarm signal can be set up and if so desired, the warning can take the form of a short message through the GSM network.