Cold Room Panel

Our Advantages

Fire resistancefilled with

B1 type polyurethanes

Corner panels to lock panels at the corner

(Up to 16 m long in one piece)

Narrow panel
lockable panels from 13 cm up to 114 cm width

Wide panel,  

lockable panels from 116 up to 127 cm width

No cutting or mowing, during installation

T Panel to lock 

three panel at a corner

Inegal T Panel to lock three different thickness panel at a corner


Quad panel combinations can be locked with X Panel

Reverse Corner Panel to covering corner columns

All kinds of column covering can be made with Z Panels

0,55 mm sheet thickness

(10% thicker )

Infrastructure for cable installation

(Hidden cable application)

Exactly 42 Density

No panel remain after installation and rooms can be fit for alllocations

Lockable panel can be produced in every width up to 16 m length

Bottom of a panel can be stainless steel, with Inox Hybrid Panel

Lockable door case to a panel