About Us

Barlas Soğutma A.Ş., whose main production is Cold Storage, is an integrated facility that produces all the products needed in cold storage in-house and also produces eutectic refrigerated vehicles which are needed in other stages of the cold chain. It became the 4th company in the
world to reach the technology of producing eutectic tubes and eutectic liquids in which the refrigerated vehicle sector is dependent on Europe.

Cold StorageIndividual or Central System Cooling Devices, Locked Cold Storage Panels, Automatic or Manual Cold Storage Doors, Ice Water Producers and Refrigerated Vehicles, as well as high-tech Climatic Test Rooms that require high technology are produced with the highest
quality. In addition, products that are stored in cold stores are secured with Remote Monitoring Systems that provide detailed monitoring of all these systems and allow intervention of the malfunction before the users realize it.

Since 1977, which has made it a tradition to make production without sacrificing quality Barlas Refrigeration, experienced, well-trained employees and await you to serve at every stage of the cold chain to authorized service network spread all over Turkey